Securely bridging your real-world identity with digital innovation.

Empower Your Digital Identity

Nashid provides a bridge between real-world identity verification and digital trust, enabling secure interactions in a click


Innovative Solutions Tailored for Trust

Nashid Verify

Transform how you onboard customers with our AI and NFC enhanced verification process that reduces fraud and increases operational efficiency.

Nashid Platform

A robust platform where users can securely manage their digital identities and credentials, empowered by blockchain technology for unmatched security.

Industries and Impact

Trusted Across Multiple Industries

Nashid’s flexible solutions cater to various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and government, enhancing their identity verification processes and compliance with international standards


In the telecommunications sector, managing customer identities securely and efficiently is crucial for maintaining service integrity and enhancing user satisfaction. Nashid’s digital identity solutions offer telecom companies advanced tools to manage customer onboarding, secure sensitive data, and comply with regulatory standards


In today's digital age, educational institutions face the challenge of managing vast amounts of student data securely and efficiently. Nashid’s digital identity solutions empower schools, colleges, and universities to enhance security, streamline administrative processes, and improve the educational experience


In the fast-paced and risk-prone construction industry, securing sites, verifying worker credentials, and ensuring compliance are paramount. Nashid’s digital identity solutions empower construction firms to manage these challenges efficiently.


In the sensitive and highly regulated healthcare sector, managing patient identities and securing access to health records are critical. Nashid’s digital identity solutions empower healthcare providers to enhance data security, streamline patient management, and ensure regulatory compliance


In the complex and dynamic environment of manufacturing, managing worker identities, securing access to sensitive areas, and ensuring operational compliance are crucial. Nashid’s digital identity solutions empower manufacturers to address these challenges effectively

Financial Services

In the rapidly evolving financial services sector, securing sensitive transactions and maintaining regulatory compliance are paramount. Nashid’s digital identity solutions empower financial institutions to manage these challenges effectively.


Government agencies face unique challenges in managing identities and sensitive data securely while ensuring transparency and accessibility to the public. Nashid’s digital identity solutions offer advanced tools to streamline these processes, enhance security, and foster trust among citizens

Retail and e Commerce

In the competitive and fast-paced world of retail and eCommerce, securing transactions and managing customer identities efficiently are critical to success. Nashid’s digital identity solutions provide powerful tools to enhance security, prevent fraud, and improve customer experiences

Why nashid.

How can Nashid propel

your business forward?

With Nashid, experience reduced fraud risks, enhanced operational efficiency, and a boost in user trust through our comprehensive digital identity solutions

Enhanced Security

Security is at the heart of all Nashid products. Utilizing the latest in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and secure communication protocols, we provide a security-first approach to digital identity management. Our solutions safeguard sensitive data and ensure that all transactions are protected against any form of cyber threats

Operational Efficiency

Nashid’s solutions are engineered to maximize efficiency. By automating the processes of identity verification and management, we significantly reduce the workload on your staff, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities and improving overall productivity.

Building User Trust

Trust is critical in digital transactions. Nashid enhances this trust by giving users full control over their digital identities and ensuring that all interactions are transparent and secure.

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