Empowering Digital Identity with Blockchain and W3C Standards

At Nashid, we integrate cutting-edge blockchain technology with W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC) to provide a secure, user-centric digital identity management system. Our solutions leverage these technologies to offer unmatched security, privacy, and user control. Explore how Nashid utilizes these technologies to enhance digital identity verification and management, fostering trust and efficiency in every interaction.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain: The Backbone of Secure Digital Interactions

We utilize blockchain technology as a verifiable data registry, supporting a decentralized digital identity model. This ensures that all identity transactions are immutable, transparent, and secure, allowing for trust and verification without centralized control


Ensures all recorded data cannot be altered, providing a trustworthy foundation for digital interactions.


Reduces reliance on central authorities, enhancing privacy and control for users.

W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DID)

Decentralized Identifiers: Revolutionizing Identity Verification

Utilizing W3C’s DID, Nashid enables users to create and control their own identity without dependency on any central authority. DIDs are used to securely and privately authenticate users and to facilitate the seamless exchange and verification of credentials

User Autonomy:

Users can manage their digital identities independently.

Enhanced Security:

DIDs help in preventing identity theft and fraud.

Verifiable Credentials: Trustworthy and Portable Digital Credentials

Verifiable Credentials: Trustworthy and Portable Digital Credentials

Nashid implements W3C Verifiable Credentials to allow users to prove their identity, qualifications, or permissions without exposing other personal data. This technology enables the issuance, holding, and verification of credentials in a privacy-preserving and secure manner.


Users reveal only the information necessary for the interaction.


Credentials can be used across various platforms and services.

Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets: Empowering Users with Secure Credential Management

Our digital wallets enable users to store and manage their DIDs and Verifiable Credentials securely. Wallets facilitate the safe storage of credentials, easy sharing of verifiable data, and seamless interaction with services requiring identity verification

Secure Storage:

Users can manage their digital identities independently.

Easy Access and Sharing:

Users can efficiently manage which information to share and with whom.

Getting Started with Nashid

Innovating for the Future

Nashid is committed to advancing our use of blockchain, DIDs, VCs, and digital wallets, continuously integrating emerging technologies to stay at the forefront of digital identity management

Secure Your Digital Identity with Nashid’s Advanced Solutions

Reach out to learn more about our technologies or to see Nashid’s solutions in action. Enhance your security and control over your digital identity today

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