Explore how our technology enhances operational security, worker safety, and regulatory compliance across construction projects.

Secure, Streamline, and Safeguard Your Construction Projects.

In the fast-paced and risk-prone construction industry, securing sites, verifying worker credentials, and ensuring compliance are paramount. Nashid’s digital identity solutions empower construction firms to manage these challenges efficiently.

Challenges in Construction

Overcoming Construction Challenges with Digital Solutions

Site Security:

Protect your construction sites with secure digital access controls that ensure only authorized personnel can enter.

Worker Verification:

Verify worker identities in real-time to maintain compliance with safety regulations and labor laws.

Compliance and Reporting:

Automate compliance reporting with digital logs that track worker hours, certifications, and safety training attendance


Key Features Designed for the Construction Industry

Digital Worker Badges:

Issue digital badges that workers can display on personal devices, providing instant visual verification of identity and qualifications.

Real-Time Access Management:

Manage site access in real-time, preventing unauthorized entry and recording entry/exit times for compliance and safety reviews.

Certification Tracking:

Automatically verify and track worker certifications and training, ensuring all personnel are qualified for their assigned tasks

Benefits of Nashid in Construction

Building Better with Nashid:

Real Benefits for Construction

Enhanced Site Security:

Reduce theft and unauthorized access with robust, digital identity checks at site entrances.

Improved Efficiency:

Speed up the verification process, reducing queues and wait times at site access points, which directly contributes to increased productivity.

Reduced Compliance Risks:

Stay ahead of compliance with automated logging of worker credentials and hours, simplifying audits and reducing the risk of penalties.

Getting Started with Nashid

Deploy Nashid on Your Construction Site

Ready to enhance security and efficiency on your construction sites? Contact our team today to get started with Nashid. We provide comprehensive support from setup to full-scale deployment.

Transform Your Construction Site Management with Nashid

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