Our technology streamlines operations, enhances security, and ensures compliance across sectors, adapting seamlessly to each industry's specific requirements

Empowering Industries with Advanced Digital Identity Solutions

Explore how Nashid’s digital identity solutions meet the unique needs of various industries, providing secure, efficient, and compliant identity verification and management.

Features of Nashid Platform for Users

Robust Features Tailored for Business Efficiency


Construction: Enhancing Site Security and Worker Verification

Nashid supports the construction industry by ensuring quick and reliable verification of site workers, aiding in maintaining safety standards and regulatory compliance. Our solutions manage access to sensitive sites, track worker certifications, and streamline the check-in processes, significantly boosting on-site security and operational efficiency


Manufacturing: Securing and Streamlining Operations

In manufacturing, Nashid enhances operational efficiency by facilitating secure and swift worker verification, crucial for safety and compliance with industry standards. Our platform ensures that only certified and authorized personnel access specific factory zones, supporting sensitive processes and protecting intellectual property.

Financial Services

Financial Services: Enhancing Security and Compliance

In the financial sector, Nashid’s solutions facilitate quick and secure customer onboarding, crucial for KYC and AML compliance. Banks and financial institutions can verify identities in real-time, reducing fraud and speeding up the customer acquisition process


Healthcare: Safeguarding Patient Information

Nashid enables healthcare providers to manage patient identities securely, ensuring easy access to health records while maintaining strict compliance with privacy regulations like HIPAA. This ensures that patient data is protected and accessible only to authorized personnel.


Education: Streamlining Student and Faculty Verification

Educational institutions use Nashid to issue and verify academic credentials digitally, simplifying enrollment and administration processes. This digital approach enhances the integrity of academic records and facilitates seamless transfers and admissions.


Government: Ensuring Citizen and Resident Services

Governments can leverage Nashid to provide citizens and residents with secure access to services, improving efficiency in identity verification processes for everything from tax collection to voting. This enhances civic engagement and service delivery while ensuring data security

Retail and eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce: Secure Customer Verification

For retail and eCommerce sectors, Nashid helps in verifying customer identities for online transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and enhancing customer trust. This is essential for secure payments and reliable customer service.


Telecommunications: Optimizing Customer Lifecycle Management

Telecom companies use Nashid to manage customer identities from initial onboarding through ongoing service provision. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and aids in fraud prevention across networks

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