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Driving Innovation in Digital Identity with Cutting-Edge Technology

Nashid harnesses the power of blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and near-field communication (NFC) to provide a robust framework for secure digital identity management. These technologies underpin our solutions, ensuring they are secure, efficient, and user-friendly.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain: Securing Identity with Decentralized Data Registry

We utilize blockchain technology as a verifiable data registry, supporting a decentralized digital identity model. This ensures that all identity transactions are immutable, transparent, and secure, allowing for trust and verification without centralized control


Eliminates single points of failure, enhancing data security.

Transparency and Immutability:

Ensures that data once written cannot be altered, providing a trustworthy data source for identity verification.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Smarter, Faster Identity Verification

Nashid's AI technology is crucial for optical character recognition (OCR), liveness detection, and facial matching. These capabilities allow for the quick and accurate verification of identities, reducing fraud and improving user experience


Automatically extracts text from identity documents, enhancing speed and accuracy of data input.

Liveness Detection and Facial Matching:

Ensures that the person presenting the ID is its legitimate holder and matches the facial image on the document, protecting against spoofing and fraud.

Near-Field Communication (NFC)

Near-Field Communication: Facilitating Secure and Quick Data Transfers

NFC technology is employed to read data from chips in ID cards as part of the identity verification process. This provides a secure and efficient method to access encrypted biometric data, ensuring the authenticity of the information and the identity of the user.

Speed and Security:

Quick data transfer that avoids unsecured data exposure, enhancing transaction security.


Allows for a seamless verification experience without the need for physical contact or data entry.

Future Innovations

Innovating Tomorrow: Nashid's Forward-Looking Technology Development

Committed to continuous innovation, Nashid is exploring emerging technologies like machine learning enhancements for AI and advancements in blockchain for even greater security and efficiency in managing digital identities

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